Water-Repellent & Stain Resistance Treatment Instead of Renovation

Architects and planners are currently rediscovering reinforced concrete. It’s no wonder, since virtually no other construction material offers so many possibilities. However, concrete and natural stones are vulnerable to harmful substances that penetrate into the building material by means of moisture. The renovation work required to fix the damage is much more expensive than successful prevention with hydrophobic and oleo phobic impregnation

Thanks to their special penetration effect, hydrophobic and oleo phobic impregnation immigration agents permanently protect concrete and natural stones against moisture from rain, dew or snow, oil, grease against road salts and microorganisms. In addition, Water Repellent’s hydrophobic and oleo phobic impregnations agents help regulate concrete’s water balance, which increases the building’s lifespan without unscheduled repair work due to structural damage.


  • Water and Oil barrier to concrete and natural stones
  • Salt barrier – chlorides dissolved in water are blocked (e.g. road salt and sea water)
  • No corrosion – the reinforcing steel does not rust, as no moisture reaches it
  • No frost damage – greater resistance to freeze/thaw cycles
  • Prevention with saves costs, energy and resources
  • Buildings that have been treated by hydrophobic impregnation have a significantly longer lifespan and thus a low environmental impact over the long term
  • Treated concrete offers good paint adhesion
  • Saves cleaning and restoration cost.
  • Products are breathable in nature.