powder compounds

We have various products in construction chemical which gives new dimension in construction industries. All the products are easy to use and cost effective. Water, in liquid or in vapor form is the most destructive weathering element for building constructions, like concrete, masonry, and natural stone structures. Waterproofing and damp-proofing techniques have to preserve a structure’s integrity, functionality and usefulness throughout its whole life time. To prevent all possible water intrusion causes, the exterior (side) of a building must be protected from top to bottom with waterproof materials.

Adequately controlling groundwater, rainwater and surface water, as well as the transport of humidity in form of water vapor will avoid unnecessary repairs to building exterior or its damage or even destruction (deterioration). Apart from protecting the exterior of building constructions, there is a multiplicity of waterproofing materials for interior use for bath rooms, toilets, swimming pools, water tanks, etc. Some of the waterproofing measures are used to protect against the detrimental action of aggressive substances like salts and acids transported by the water.


  • It is single component hence does not require mixing of different components at site.
  • Easy to be mixed with water and easy to apply.
  • No risk of mixing errors on job-site.
  • Flexible with crack over bridging capacity.
  • High Bonding Strength.
  • Waterproof even under high hydrostatic pressure up to 7 Bar.
  • Used for outdoor as well as indoor applications.
  • Very good adhesion and cohesion even on organic substrates and even after long-term or permanent water immersion.
  • Sufficient water vapor permeability (no blistering).
  • Can be applied even on wet mineral surfaces.
  • Reduce application time to ½ of conventional system hence low application cost.
  • Easy to Transport.
  • Factory mix product, hence consistent and no chance of error.